Back List Title Promotion offer 2017

This summer we will be promoting back list titles and off authors the opportunity to participate. With the Independent Book Publishers Association, we will place a page in Publishers Weekly (see below) and the IBPA's own supplements. If you wish your titles to be included, please fill in the form indicating which title(s) and update any new promotional information you may have by attaching a document or any appropriate images.



We offer authors the opportunity to add several titles, or to repeat the promotion more than once, for a small donation toward costs. The donation can be any amount you choose. It all helps.



 - one title, one time promoted
 - one title, more than once promoted - donation
 - two titles one time promoted - donation
 - more titles more than one time promoted - donation


Please choose any amount to donate.

Publishers Weekly


And the Independent Book Publishers Association's own supplement.

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