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New Writers

We are producing an Anthology of New Writers every year and we call on all unpublished authors to send in their copy. The best 50 will be published in a vital volume of new and creative ideas, available by Christmas. The Top 5 will win a publishing contract.

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3000-5000 words


Send us your best short story, essay, or long story shortened, in a word document of up to 5000 words.


Include your name and contact details and the category you are applying for in the form below and pay the basic entry fee by PayPal.

Once your payment is received you should receive an automated email link to upload your entry.



Entry $10



Mill House publishers welcome enthusiasm and we particularly appreciate free-thinking ideas that are positive and uplifting.




New Age and the Law of Attraction




Juniour Novella



All about you


Please include a short paragraph at the end of your work telling us something important about yourself and why you deserve to be in this Anthology. If your work is selected for publication we will need a photograph to display, so please send us a great image of yourself in 300 dpi. Send it to us with the link below and dont forget to put your name on it so we know who you are.

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