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Josefu slowly recalls his experiences in Rwanda, 'land of a thousand hills' where he went as a UN official to record and report on the violent events that had just taken place. The magnitude of political treachery and human betrayal causes him to break down and he is removed to Canada where he attempts to recover with the help of friends, part owns a bookshop there and leads a quiet life. Now, six years later, He decides to drive across Canada and face his demons. Crossing the prairies accompanied by ghosts that demand their stories be heard, he takes us on a parallel journey between time and place that is both sensitive and harrowing. One that we shall not forget.

Josefu's Thousand Hills

  • Josefu's Thousand Hills, Tamara Dragadze, isbn 9788792632227 Josefu's 1000 Hills confronts the human condition, its capacity to create the rationality of ethnic cleansing and its place in what happened in Rwanda. The book focuses on the heart and soul of a single human being, Josefu, through whom is channeled one of the worst world catastrophes of human making—the Rwanda killings of 1994. Unlike other fiction on Rwanda by Western authors (in other words accessible literature), sensationalism is avoided. Moreover, the incongruity of Josefu’s sweet life in Canada and the tortured mental place he dwells in Rwanda, creates a bond with more general experiences that other novels on Rwanda evade in order to shock.
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