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Kristi Jørgensdatter, by A. Skjold

Kristi, a free-spirited child, grew up to be a very special woman with a calling from the ancient traditions of Normarklanden. There have always been Joergens at the end of the road, up in the mountains and when the village is threatened by unseen chaos from the skies, Kristi Joergensdatter creates a summoning. Her magic is natural and fun. It draws all the villagers in to celebrate life, not the least her husband John, an Englander of the most stoic tradition, a mathematician and a man of science. He says often Kristi and their son share more than DNA, they share a secret. And when all is dark and seems hopeless, he discovers that secret is Love.

Kristi Jørgensdatter

SKU: 9788794302869
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