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The Self-employed Housewife: a seaman's wife's story volume 1, Nadine May


This story of an immigrant from Holland to South Africa in the 70s, is about the relationship between a young wife and mother and her husband who is a sailor. Full of engaging dialog between the young wife, her two toddlers and the people she meets while starting her own leathercraft business, working from home.

From being a desperately unhappy housewife to a woman who finds her calling after healing psychic wounds, this becomes a spiritual odyssey that is as pleasurable to read as it is enlightening.

The book carries an uplifting message for any immigrant on how to survive as a new arrival in a country with no support base and with only a minimal understanding of English.

The Self-employed Housewife Vol 1

SKU: 9788794302098
  • Nadine May is a captivating storyteller with a gift for lively metaphors. She engages her readers in the cultural and emotional tapestry of South Africa during the apartheid years and after. Nadine was an immigrant from the Netherlands who became a self-sufficient entrepreneur and despite the handicap of being dyslexic has become the successful author of four visionary novels and a series of workbooks.
    Nowadays she creates designs for imprinting brand products from mugs, T shirts, to tote bags.

    She currently lives in the south of Cape Town.

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