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The Self-employed Housewife a seaman's wife's story volume 2, Nadine May


The story continues...

Exposure to an inexplicable experience early one morning shatters Hendrika's perception of life.


Her children are growing up, moving from primary school to high school followed by college, at a time when being a self-employed housewife is often challenged.
How would she ever learn to cope with the loneliness of an empty marriage, knowing there was far more to life? She asks for guidance and through a series of vivid dreams finds a change of direction.

Through her unhappiness, she discovers she has the power to change her life. Her creativity as an independent entrepreneur helps Hendrika overcome the greatest obstacles to find her Soul Purpose in life.

The Self-employed Housewife Vol 2

SKU: 9788794302432
  • Nadine May is a visionary fiction novelist.

    If you like to read paranormal-visionary romantic stories, or you are into contemporary science fiction, then her visionary novels are for you. She takes her characters and readers on what seems to be a typical adventure-seeking journey until the real human drama is revealed and both reader and characters are introduced to a whole new concept in parallel realities, unlike anything you've seen before.

    The Self-employed Housewife series represents a new departure for her, being a biographical drama about a character who does her best to achieve a self-supporting life under difficult circumstances.

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