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Vanishing Worlds, Nadine May


Book 3 in the 'Awakening to our Ascension' Pentalogy continues the adventure by journeying into the cells of the body to discover what exactly biological consciousness is. Annelies is the ascension workshop facilitator and author of the workbook: The decoding of our body codes of light.
Many people awaken to the awesome truth that to survive physically is nothing compared to the challenges of surviving on a soul level. Outer worlds (dark forces) know that, but they lost their soul connections a long way back. They are heading for their own extinction so they have to attach themselves to the souls that are asleep to their true identity in order to return home - because our reality will soon be no more, when the Grand Portal is re-opened.

Vanishing Worlds: Ascension Series Book 3

SKU: 9788794302517
  • Nadine May was born in Holland, became a nurse, emigrated to Australia and then to South Africa, which is still her home.
    During the 1970's Nadine was guided to write about humanity's preparation for the greatest turning point in our history through the media of visionary fiction. Many years later she understood what that truly entailed. Her creative writing, mostly through the fictional characters of the Jaarsma Clan, emphasizes that humanity has a greater purpose for being on planet Earth at this moment.
    The lightworker journeys are predictive visionary novels that reflect the creative powers each individual has to create a world in which they want to live.
    By sharing an awakening journey through the characters from the Jaarsma clan, readers can each awaken his or her own perception of 'what is consciousness'. Through her monthly newsletter titled 'Ascension Questions from the Heart', she shares her further research into this fascinating topic.

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