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eBook Service

A digital book is like a print book that you carry around on your phone or tablet. Its big advantage is convenience. You can take a whole library with you in your pocket. To read an eBook you need an eReader application. You can download iBooks from the apple store for iOS or from Google for Android. Our ebooks can be read on both.

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Our digital publishing partners offer two levels of text conversion to digital publications. Academic (complex) and Novels (simple). The best and easiest manner for the readers, is a reflowable text, that is, the text flows seamlessly onto the page, whatever sized device they are using. This works simply and perfectly for Novels. However, we can also make an anchored layout for Academic (complex) eBook to include graphs, indexes, graphic elements, videos and voice recordings. For students and keen researchers, there is the option to highlight text and add sticky notes, as they read. Recipe Books and Children's flip books are also available in our Academic level of conversion.

Download a free sample and open it on your iOS or Android

Click here to download an Academic (complex) example

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Click here to download an example of a Novel (simple)

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We can also provide conversion to KINDLE if required.

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