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Mill House publishers


The old fashioned style of publishing. We care about our authors and ensure only top quality books are presented to the market .


We care about the environment too and in collaboration with ECO LIBRIS we plant a tree for every book sold. All our paper and ink is environmentally friendly to the strictest ISO standards.


Our team is made up of freelance designers, editors, "story doctors" technical experts and some of us volunteer our time because we just love books. This is a family business and a specialist publisher that has arisen out of the needs of authors who have something to say but may not be accepted by the mainstream publishers.


Mill House supports new authors, childrens authors and writers of self-help and inspirational material. Your work is edited with the utmost care involving minimal corrections only where necessary. Control of the project belongs to the author and is at no cost to the author for our editorial management and production of their work.


Royalties are set at 50% over net sales and paid out bi-annually.


We do ask you to be involved as much as possible in promotion to generate orders.

Caxton press 1398 England

Meet the team

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