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Do you have copy that needs a professional eye? We will assess your text and find the perfect editorial match for you from within our ever-growing team of expert editors, copywriters and text-doctors.


Nicole Clabourg. American copy-editor and book doctor. Bespoke editorial service for self-publishers.

Developmental Editing: (This includes all copyediting & proofreading services) It is content focused, paying attention to the organization, logical flow and general quality of writing

Copyediting: Spelling, punctuation, formatting, grammar, word choice, avoiding overly long or awkward phrasing, fact and reference checks and checking for consistent tone and style.

Proofreading:  Covers spelling (not the automated spell-checker)  Grammar including punctuation, mechanical errors, and formatting

We oversee and manage every project that comes through Mill House (and ePublishify) with the utmost care and attention. We check the work thoroughly before returning it to you and ensure everyone is satisfied. We have dedicated experts available and ready to help. Your project does not need to lie in an inbox or queue. We will discuss the project with you and agree on a time schedule and fee.

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Dawn Austin Locke. British proofreader and copy-editor. Bespoke editorial service for fiction, arts, humanities and self-publishers.

“I relish language, in all its styles – its sounds, flow, echoes and value, so love hearing each new author’s voice conjuring ideas and creating filmic images. With an ear for fluidity, syntax, grammar, arc and pace, sharp eyes for detail, and delighting in fresh ideas, I’ll fine tune the technical details of your storytelling so that it shines from the page with optimum energy for publication by Mill House.


More details and testimonies can be found in the link below:

Our agency fees are based on rates given by EFA (Editorial Freelance Association) and are competitive.

Developmental  € 0.04 per word 

Copyediting  € 0.03 per word

Proofreading € 0.006 per word 

Each project is assessed individually.  We will discuss it with you to make a plan and find the ideal price for you and your budget.

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