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A read aloud story for 7 - 9 year olds. 
A lonely young fox and a fruitarian baby dragon meet over a patch of purple Scotch thistles and become best friends. 
Foxy sets up his den in a cemetary where they meet a recently bereaved human boy, called Rob. As the magical dragon translates any language, they all become firm friends and go on adventures of discovery together.  
Due to their natural kindness and love of life they unintentionally become a team of heroes and rescue those in trouble.

There is a sense of peace and well being in the stories and each closes with a satisfactory and happy ending. The love of nature is evident with a subtle thread of magic intertwining the adventures. 

This is a part of the world where magical creatures are assumed to have existed once and perhaps not all are gone entirely. Ancient traditions are still maintained, for example, berries are put out for the dragons from the caves in the distant hills.
The tone  is respectful of animals, magical creatures and humans alike - as equals in the world. 

Foxy and Cinders

  • Foxy and Cinders by Siusaidh Ceanadach isbn 9788792632821 $22.99 The unlikely friendship between a young fox and a baby dragon that leads to forming a team of heroes that saves nature.
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