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7 Steps to success with Self-Publishing

Thinking of selfpublishing? Here is a 30 minute course offering 7 steps to successful self-publishing. Insider knowledge and planning are vital tools to help get your book in print and selling.

Click the link above for the mini course on Self-Publishing

NOW €60 for a limited time only.


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The Rough Guide

FREE PDF Everything you need to know about preparing your work for converting to eBook and Audio book.

The digital eBook of this 5 minute Guide is on the way.

Author Contact


Currently, all Mill House author contact is handled by our digital publishing sister company, ePublishify Hybrid Publishing. Here is a link to the website:


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Helping writers find their inner muse

Finding that first line does not have to be a stumbling block, when you have expert help. Are you feeling overwhelmed with ideas, or have a burning desire to write that clashes with your busy day life? Perhaps you lose sleep doubting your story, doubting yourself?
If you have a passion to write, but the end is nowhere in sight and you doubt you will ever get there, this course will help you find your way forward, and bring your readers along with you.

The Calliope Workshop online courses

"I do understand the ups and downs of creative writing and getting ready to publish. With three novels and a collection of award-winning shorts, as well as being in publishing for 15 years, I can speak from hard-won experience and it is my whole-hearted intention to help new writers find their path in the wonderful magical world of storytelling."

- Annemarie Skjold Jensen

This is an interactive course in four parts, where we will explore the framework within which to create a book in any genre, together.

  • Clarity

  • Plot

  • Voice

  • Structure

If you would like to improve your writing, get in touch with your inner muse and have expert guidance - let us know about you and your writing projects. We will get back to you with a time and date, and a how to join us - we have a place for you in our course!

Leave your name and contact details. You will hear from us soon.

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