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David Ash

Physicist, author, singer and song writer and an intrepid explorer of life on Earth and beyond. David is interested in how everything works in the Universe.


An investigation into the reason Bohr and Hiesenberg shunned Einstein's major theories 100 years ago in Copenhagen.

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A song for you:

David's story

David Ash was born in Kent, England in 1948. His father, Dr Michael Ash, researching the link between cancer and radioactivity, introduced him to radioactivity physics when he was seven.
He discovered the vortex theory for the atom in 1965, during his last year at school, and began to collect ideas and data on subatomic matter in 1967 at the Hastings college of further education. David started work on the vortex theory at Queens University of Belfast in 1968, after Professor Gareth Owen, Dean of the Faculty of Science, encouraged him to use his time at university to develop a theory rather than cram for a career.
David went on to read physics and work on the vortex theory at Queen Elizabeth College, London University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1972. After a gap year he went onto the College of St Mark and St John in Plymouth in 1973 where he secured a postgrad in physics education in 1974.
Whilst there he was introduced to the Royal Institution and joined it as a young member. On January 15th 1975 he gave a lecture on the quantum vortex to young members and guests, from the rostrum where Lord Kelvin had demonstrated his vortex theory for the atom a century before.
David left London in 1976 to join his father who had founded CAMS, the College of Alternative Medicine and Science. There he taught the vortex theory, which was then published in part (with Peter Hewitt) in The Vortex: Key to Future Science, by Gateway books in 1990. After that David set out on an international lecture tour between 1991 and 1994.
In 1995 the College of Psychic Studies published his vortex theory in full as The New Science of the Spirit, which included a prediction of the accelerating expansion of the Universe. He has written and published 12 books on the subject of quantum physics, to date.

David lives in the UK and is father to nine and has sixteen grandchildren.


Davids Books are available in our bookshop and also on Amazon. If you want to know more please contact us, we are happy to help.

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