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Bachri - journey to the land of cows, Rikke Barfod

Bachri is a little calf who hates the city where trucks, cars and scooters rush by,  incessantly blowing their horns. The air is filled with exhaust fumes. Her mother has heard rumours of a Land of Cows where they can be free and so they decide to leave the city and try to find this land.

They have a lot of adventures along the way. They are captured, but with the help of some friendly dogs escape again. Then they are chased by a leopard, must flee from crocodiles,  and some mean humans. But through all their hardships they begin to trust in themselves and make new life-long friends. And although life is not always easy, the call of freedom is so strong they make their long journey.


SKU: 9788794302449
  • Rikke Barfod, Denmark.

    The story of Bachri came to Rikke during her daily walks through Varanasi in India, where she often visits with friends. Barfod is now 80, and has travelled a lot around the world during her life. Between trips, she produced bio-organics, completed courses on alternative treatments and fully renovated her country cottage, where she lived for over 18 years before ‘retiring’ to Helsingør. She still travels regularly and participates in a writers groups in London.

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