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Ditch the Fucking Cape: Confessions of a so-called superwoman, Crista Tharp

  • As a Mompreneur with a super-sized family, I have always been asked, “How do I do it all?” I was often called a Superwoman and I always felt like that was a title I could never live up to. The Superwoman Complex is killing woman at a fast rate and we have to do something about it now before we pass it on to the next generation of women. It became clear over the past 10 years that women are completely sacrificing themselves in order to be caregivers for everyone else. That leaves them exhausted and susceptible to getting ill from stress. In fact, this has become so widespread and normalized, that women don’t even know how sick they really are. They just buck it up and always put themselves last.  No more! It is time for women to wake up and realize they NEED to put themselves first, do self-care, love themselves and get healthy for those who love them.

  • So, I decided it is time to come out and answer the question of “How do I do it?” with raw and transparent honesty in hopes it will shake my fellow females out of their zombie-like states and show them they can live their Blyss and live it unapologetically.

Ditch the F**king Cape

SKU: 9788794302647
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