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It Was That Night, Rikke Barfod

13-year old Claire hates being psychic. Instead of living a care free teenage life like other girls in her class, because of her 'gift' she is suddenly caught up in a chain of events that reach back to the German Occupation of Denmark. One memorable day in school, she sees a ghost who turns out to be a Jewish girl that did not escape with the others across the channel to Sweden in October 1943.

What started in 1943 now comes to completion in 1983, with a very reluctant Claire who only wishes for one thing: To be normal.

It Was That Night

SKU: 9788793886070
  • Rikke Barfod has a bachelor degree in Education, English and Italian, has translated films and children's books and is now a member of writing groups in both Denmark and England. As a writer, she has revisited and used fragments of her own life as inspiration. Born during WW2 in Denmark, her experiences growing up during the immediate aftermath of a world war war, impressed her deeply. This book indeed brings some 'ghosts out of the cupboard'. Barfod travels a lot and recognizes the adventure in every aspect of her life. She has visited with tigers in India, seen the invisible people in Iceland and on an eight month long journey through the USA with her youngest son, has lived with circus artists, travelling to Hawaii and also with Native Americans in South Dakota. Rikke Barfod now lives in Helsing r (Elsinore) in Denmark, but still travels in Australia, Asia and especially India where she has life-long friends. She is still learning Hindi. "It was that Night" is Barfod's second publication, following her first successful publication Bachri, a children's story about the travels of an Indian calf.

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