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Weird Shit! Sometimes in order to solve life's greatest existential conundrums one might need to enagage in some really... Janice Melmed

After a lifetime of struggling with her identity, her failing health, her mentally ill mother, and more challenges than any one person can be expected to handle, Janice took herself on a journey into herself looking for answers to the questions: “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”


Finding no answers in the medical field or in anything she had been taught was ‘right’ and ‘acceptable’ she began to explore the quantum world of energy healing with surprising results. Whether you are familiar with the world of energy or are uninitiated into its wonders, this book is aimed at helping people understand that they have an innate right to be happy and it offers them the permission and hopefully the courage required to start their own personal journey towards finding their authentic self, so that they too can live a life focussed on joy and peace.

Weird Shit!

SKU: 9788793886483
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