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Mill House

Welcome to Mill House Publishers, the English language publisher founded in Denmark in 2010.


Rurally based, we pride ourselves with offering a down to earth vision in book publishing, with fresh, eclectic tastes. We are committed to the discovery and publication of contemporary English language literature in self-help, environmental, inspirational books, children's and non-fiction titles.

We are advocates for writers at all stages of their careers and ensure that diverse voices can be heard in an abundant, global marketplace. 

We maintain a “green” footprint and ensure eco-friendly manufacture and distribution.

We are committed to celebrating the natural world, ensuring that it is passed to the next generation in good order. 

With the help of EcoLibris, we plant a tree for every book sold.

Mill House publishers is an independent publisher based in Denmark with associates in the UK. We pride ourselves in being in tune with the planet.

The Mill never sleeps 

We are able to handle book projects across all time zones, and distribute them worldwide with our partners at Ingram - still a family-owned international company. Our cloud based print partners have 200 print facilities around the globe.

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The Calliope Workshop

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