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Food Consciousness - a food relationship revolution, by Shannon McKeown

Food Consciousness is a weight loss journey that brings forth success from the inside out. It teaches readers that the answers to sustainable weight loss have always been with them once they discover their God-Self. Food Consciousness provides the missing link to the mystery of why most diet books fail.

It tackles the issue head on with a recipe of ingredients which use special healing techniques to prepare the reader's soul to desire naturally healthy foods provided by God, Mother Nature and the Earth's soil.

Food Consciousness

SKU: 9788793886438
  • Shannon McKeown has both a bachelor's and master's degree in foods and nutrition and holds the professional credential as a licensed dietitian and nutritionist. Shannon utilizes a more natural, holistic nutritional model inspired by her employment with the Seminole Tribe of Florida and she is breaking new ground byintegrating the center piece of all center pieces her relationship with God.

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