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It's World War II, 1941. Janet and her four children, Jenny, 14, Peter, 12 and 8-year-old twins Emma and Rosie, are in a city under heavy bombardment. One evening, Janet arranges to evacuate the children to Ireland, to stay with Granny O’Neill. Jenny is in charge. The children must journey by bus, train, ferry and train to Ireland during unsettled times.
Granny O’Neill meets them and takes them by horse and cart to her 13-room cottage on the wild and remote west coast. It is a lovely summer holiday and in the evenings, Granny tells them stories of quests and heroes of long ago, creating a mystical atmosphere with her harp music. But all is not as it seems.

As the days go by Jenny notices that they are growing up rather quickly, and no one seems to know what day it is or how long they have been there. Then there are a few more odd things about this coastal holiday that cause Jenny and Peter to search for answers.

Within the story there is another tale, one that Granny weaves with the help of her magical harp. This gripping tale is the heroic quest of a young Priestess and a Selkie during the threat of the Roman invasion. As the two stories progress, the children go on a journey of discovery about magic, myth and ancient Celtic deities.

Granny O'Neill

SKU: 9788794302531
  • Born in Ireland, Ceanadach (Kennedy) lived and worked in Germany for many years, following an alternative belief path. He married and moved to Scotland where he now resides. He and his late wife were members of various Celtic groups, where he met several celebrated leaders of the Pagan and Alternative community in the UK, many of whom he greatly admires.

    With their encouragement he continues to research historical tomes on the History of Ireland and the history of Celtic belief. He aims to present tales and legends based on authentic traditional ideals and Irish values.

  • There are not many examples of young adult fiction for young Pagan or Alternative Path families. Piet Ceanadach feels strongly about this and has presented a book that is based on authentic Celtic beliefs and traditions. It is on the one hand a happy story about children evacuated during war time. On the other it covers Celtic values of life, death and heroism.

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