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The Deepteachings of Merlyn, by Douglas Monroe

This is the third and final volume of Douglas Monroe's Merlyn series. The Dark Age of Druidism of Merlyn was entirely based upon the teachings of the Pheryllt, a British Megalithic Priesthood whose practices and philosophies set the essence of what later Druidism would become - set, quite literally, in stone. Drawing once again upon the 16th Century Book of Pheryllt in addition to countless other volumes from Plato to Einstein, the author clearly establishes that the answers to nature's deepest questions lie well within our capacity to grasp - providing we understand how to look at the completed picture.

The Deepteachings of Merlyn - Douglas Monroe

  • DOUGLAS MONROE has spent the last three decades studying Shamanism in a variety of cultures, from the Huichol of Mexico to the Sanshin of Korea. He currently balances university teaching with coordinating NEW FOREST CENTRE, an apprenticeship-based institution he founded in 1992 with active branches in Mexico City, Seoul and upstate New York.

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